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Service Description

American Pricing is 222 USD Canadian Pricing is 303.07 CAD Welcome to your Deluxe 60 Minute Reading! I dedicate a full 48 hrs of time to your reading, to make it especially tailored just for you. I’m now including Birth and Divisional Chart Analysis in the readings as well. There will be a full cleansing of myself and my space in the first 24hrs, This is a very important step for a successful reading. The following day I will do a cleansing with meditation, to open myself up and to bring your energy in so we can get the best advice possible for you. Step One: Pulling instant advice from over 30 Decks of Oracle Cards. Step Two: I will then look through your birth chart & divisional charts. I will be telling you what I see. I will also answer any simple questions that you may have about the birth or divisional charts. Step Three: I will proceed to do a general tarot reading for you. Whatever comes out I will interpret. Step Four: Answering questions you may have in regards to your personal life, career life & love life, with the tarot and oracles. Step Five: We finish off your reading with some final thoughts, suggestions for your success. I will need the information listed below filled out in the booking form box after you book. Or, If you have more information than usual please email me at: Information I need when you book: - Your Birthdate - Any Questions - A Brief Backstory of your situation - Full Birth date, time and place of all parties are *not* required, but at least month and day please. -Full Birth date, time and place of all parties *are* required if you are inquiring about a birth chart or divisional chart analysis. IMPORTANT: *After I receive the initial email or booking form with the information above, your reading link will be sent back to you through email once I have it recorded for you. *You will receive your reading within 48hrs to 5 Business Days, after I receive this information. *The reading is viewed through an unlisted link that can only be viewed by you and myself. It will remain private and available up to 30 days after the link is received by you. *Utilizing being able to rewatch the reading will be beneficial for you and your growth, as sometimes the messages do not resonate until a later time.

Cancelation Policy

There are no cancellations or refunds available at this time due to the revolving exchange rates between CAD and USD. I will do whatever possible to accommodate, if there are any issues that we run into. Thank-you!

Contact Details


YYC HOROSCOPES, Calgary, AB, Canada

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