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Zodiac Sign Info


Keywords: Self-expression, assertion, forcefulness, urgency, initiative, courage, aggression, impulse, enterprise, passion, selfishness, leadership, egotism, combustible, foolhardy, survival instinct

Appearance: Radiates self assurance. Face is often Ruddy, Hair may be tinged with red, Arien face is the bold horn eyebrows, May have distinctive eyebrows which grow to meet in the middle, Usually has a strong forehead. Dress sense usually smart casual/sporty.

Personality: Impossible to ignore an aries. They have an assertive, idealistic personality driven by a powerful Ego. What you see & hear, is what you get. Aries always speaks out and speaks up. Headstrong and dynamic, the ram charges through life. Winning mentality, no matter the competition. Natural born leader, they truly believe they're always right. They prefer to tackle things un-aided. This is not a team player, they're hyper independent. Drawing from an eternal well of optimism and they move on.

Mind: Quick-witted, thrives on a challenge. Has the ability to give complete attention to any given moment. They're impulsive rather than rational, tendencies towards snap decisions. Details go by the way side, they have a restless mind that easily gets bored, they like to move on quickly.

Emotions: Hidden child like naivety, making them prone to vulnerability. When pissed off or fired up, their rage and temper flares up without warning, then can disappear. Giving off a very bipolar like vibe. Tend to lean towards self centeredness, they rarely show empathy. Although, when they're made aware of the situation, they will fight whole heartedly for the under dog or the underprivileged.

Strengths: Courageous, Pioneering, Enterprise skills, Values freedom, Frank decision making, Generosity, Enthusiasm, Makes things happen, Passionate, Puts everything into their work/job, Problems faced head on, Finds innovative solutions

Weakness: Manipulation, Little white lies, Eternal restlessness, Lacks perspective, Baby fire sign (first fire sign), Wanting instant gratification, Wanting everything now, Can exude selfishness, Risk taking can become obsessive, does not care about risking the security of others.

Shadow Side: Procrastination, Difficulty saying no, Wants a quiet life at all costs

Karma: Past selfishness and egocentric tendencies, failure to consider the needs of others, insensitivity to others feelings

Likes: Noise, Excitement, Danger, Sex, Satire

Dislikes: Peace, Quiet, Monotony, Hypocrisy, Injustice

Money: Spends freely, and often on impulse. Desire for risk taking, safeguards like savings and insurance don't hold much temptation (lol), Loves gambling, If they speculate on stock, lottery, commodity markets, they will act on it.

As a Parent: Young at heart, enjoys child play. Especially if the child they're taking care of is adventurous. Its a companion style of parenting rather than strict. They have a hard time with children who seek solitude or lots of introspective.

As a Child: Energetic, Pushy, Loud, Excitable, Accident Prone. Hates to play alone, Requires constant stimulation. Happiest in an active educational environment. When unhappy or bored expresses outrage in form of temper tantrums.

Careers: Relishes on any opportunity to build on strong leadership and entrepreneurial skills. Army Officer, Butcher, Metal Worker, Surgeon, Entrepreneur, Racing Driver, Test pilot, Fire fighter, Sales person, Insurance, Surveyor, Electrician, Psychologist, Explorer, Herbalist or Neuropath, Designer, Actor, Self Employment is what best suits this signs nature, They prefer to be a Boss.

Leisurely Activities: Happiest when active, Usually in short bursts. Cycling, Running, etc. Anything that tests their stamina. Motorcycling, Mountain Climbing, Dangerous sports or Activities. Not naturally a team player, nevertheless enjoys Hockey, Rugby or Boxing. They love parties. They also love sharp objects for carving and crafts etc.

Gift Ideas: A performance car, top of the range accessories, that will flatter the Aries ego. Anything to do with adventure or activity. Love power tools, designer clothes, red roses, sports wear, as well as personalized gifts.

Traditional Correspondences/ Associations:

Season: Spring

Number: 9

Physiology: Head/face/adrenal and suprarenal glands

Birthstone: Ruby or Diamond

Crystals: Amethyst, aquamarine, bloodstone, carnelian, citrine

Assosiations: Electricity, sharp things, metals, anger, satire

Animals: Sheep, Tigers, Dragons


Appearance: Characterized by a large head, short neck, and strong shoulders. Eyes are usually large and striking, Set below a broad forehead, their tends to be coarse and dark. Lips may be thick and fleshy. Usually dresses comfortable but sensually.

Personality: Determination is the key feature of a taurean personality. They often show inflexibility and risk-aversion at all costs. Routine and security are essential, making them more prone to getting stuck in a rut. They’re extremely reliable, their devotion & loyalty are personal qualities that Taurus values. This makes a tauren a great member to a team environment. They tend to approach the most mundane of tasks, with diligence and patience. They’re a stoic and conformist character, that is unlikely to cause upset. They have stamina under pressure, and likes to adhere to outward convention of society. There is also a lighter side to this sort of personality, they love music, the arts, the enjoyable things in life, and they’re pleasure seekers. This self indulgent personality loves his or her sensual needs fulfilled.

Mind: Slow, deliberate, very intelligent mind, they think problems through, pay close attention to detail, they like to arrive at solutions that are always practical & creative. They rely heavily on data and hard facts through their senses, leaving all illogical or irrational intuitions behind. They firmly hold their own opinions, although they often go unexpressed. They’re often fearful of being judged, its also difficult for them to see the world from other people’s perspectives. Which often translates to intolerance.

Emotions: Stemming from an overwhelming need for security, they’re often very possessive and prone to jealousy. They do not let go of things easily. They do not just want to own material goods, they want to own people as well. A furious temper lurks behind a calm exterior. They’re ready to erupt if their sense of ownership is disrupted. Resentment runs deep in the Taurus psyche.

Strength: Dependable, personal resilience, integrity, common sense, industrious, excellent planner and organizational skills, great artistic ability and creativity.

Weaknesses: Unable to see different perspectives, builds up entrenched opinions, refuses to take risks on other people’s ideas, or in new things in general. Excessively possessive with people and their belongings. Self indulgence, ostentatious behaviour in pursuit of the good life.

Shadow Side: Venomous ill humour, Envy, Jealousy, Resentment, Rage, Grudge Bearer, Never forgets, finds it hard to forgive others.

Karma: Usually to do with their overwhelming attachment to the material world and finding security in external things. The challenge is to let go of inner insecurity.

Likes: Comfort, Food, Company, Sex, Luxury, High Quality retail/objects

Dislikes: Change, Uncertainty, Being rushed, Cold, Hunger, Un-comfortable

Money: Taurus loves money in the bank, but they’re willing to spend on good quality, luxury items. This kind of personality puts money into their stability and has everything insured. Taurus only invests after careful research, they’re not fooled by get rich quick schemes.

As a Parent: Conscientious parent, favouring discipline and routine. They love to give a highly structured environment to their children. There is little room for spontaneity but practical creativity is encouraged.

As a Child: The typical child that is a Taurus needs a predictable routine and practical education that incorporates the body and the senses. They usually will have a security blanket or an item they use to make them feel safe. Often very fearful of the outer world, this kind of child benefits from gentle encouragement. Head to head confrontation with a Taurus child will not end well, and will usually lead to a temper tantrum or obstinance/refusal to listen.

Careers: An over-whelming interest in good food makes a Taurus excellent restaurant critic or restaurant owner. The signs deep connection with the land finds expression in landscaping, gardening, horticulture, farmer, building or architecture. Taurus also loves singing, music, art and antiques. Making them excellent as an art collector, jeweller and using craft making abilities. Taurans are also very reliable, a job in government, administration, and finance also fits their personality.

Leisure Activities: Wining and dining are a favourite pastime of theirs, as well as gardening, building or doing anything with their hands. Painting or anything to do with making something beautiful really appeals to a Taurus. Love of the home manifests into the love of cooking, renovations, dress making and upholstery. They also love exercise like, yoga, dance, judo, football and walking.

Gift Ideas: Gold, Good food or a Gourmet meal, High quality anything like chocolates, satin, silk, lotions, essential oils etc. Anything to improve external appearance means a great deal to them, especially if wrapped attractively.

Traditional Correspondences/ Associations:

Season: Late spring

Number: 6

Physiology: Throat, Neck, Vocal cords, Ears

Birthstones: Emerald

Crystals: Topaz, Aquamarine, Azurite, Diamond, Emerald, Kyanite

Associations: Nature, Singing, Wealth, Possessions

Animals: Cows, Elephants


Appearance: Youthful looking, wiry and energetic. Piercing eyes, with slender arms and legs usually. The geminian head is usually tilted to the side in enquiry. The females dress sense is usually quirky and fashionable, while the males tend to go for a more professional look.

Personality: Gemini is the original dual personality. Bright, communicative, and charming in one moment & sullen and acerbic in the next. Gemini’s can wear many different hats, and survive in many different types of environments. They are a sociable personality, and the most talkative of all the zodiac. There is also a child like sense to their nature, positively refusing to grow old. Gemini’s loves tricks, puzzles, and loves to play practical jokes. They are the prodigy of the zodiac, they love to learn, and teach what they have learned to others. Always busy, they often can hold more than one job. This sign can switch their opinion of something from day to day, and they hate to admit when they are wrong. Gemini’s also have problems focusing, affecting their consistency. They are always looking for new things to stimulate them. There are endless ideas that come to a Gemini, keeping the stamina to see them through, is often their down fall.

Mind: Gemini insists on commenting on the world, and the events within the world, as it is experienced. They usually have highly developed verbal skills, good at instantly processing information and transmuting it. Often, they jumping to conclusions, then communicate this information to anyone that will listen. Geminians know a little about everything, because they lack the focus to stay on any one given subject. The silver-tongued Gemini has no problem bending the truth to get what they want. They are often determined to win in a verbal battle, they will manipulate and persuade and convince those around them. They like to use quick wit, big words, puns and often sarcasm.

Emotions: They are not comfortable with emotion, and they lack emotional resilience and distinction. This cerebral sign prefers to dissect other’s emotions rather than their own. They often have little empathy or sensitivity to others. Geminians like to neatly rationalize all their emotions, while using talking to avoid their genuine feelings. This sign usually can develop a deep depression when they hide their feelings too much.

Strengths: A versatile mind is Gemini’s greatest asset. Their ideas flow and multitasking comes easily to them.

Weaknesses: Gemini’s have problems knowing exactly what the truth is and regularly changes their story without noticing. Inconvenient facts tend to get discarded if they do not suit them, especially if there is an opportunity to manipulate the situation. The twin like, two faced personality of Gemini, loves to gossip and finds it impossible to hold a secret for long.

Shadow Side: The shadow side of a Gemini is their untrustworthiness; they have a trickster, sinister and con side. They like to persuade and convince others into thinking they’re getting a great deal. The motive is often being bored, or a reaction to stupidity or sense of being snubbed.

Karma: Their karma is usually a result of untruths or nefarious schemes against others. Past negative energy involving gossip, slander, misinformation, betrayal, and deliberate deception. The present life karmic challenge is to identify the truth and stick by it.

Likes: Anything to do with words and information, books, theatre, journalism, the internet, puzzles and games.

Dislikes: Peace and quiet, feeling bored or lonely, people who don’t listen or those who have rigid opinions.

Money: Money in the bank is not important to a Gemini. This resourceful sign is able to raise cash when required, even if it requires questionable means. They’re the inventors of get rich quick schemes and known as the financial con. Showing no hesitation in borrowing from friends, family or lending money in return. They do not worry about running up debt or bills. They are natural gamblers and shrewd investors.

As a parent: They’re happy to play, Geminian parents often treat their children as small adults. They expect to be able to reason as a form of disciplinary action. A withdrawn or introverted child often makes a Gemini feel lost or floundering.

As a child: Inquisitive and communicative, they love to be intellectually stimulated. A young Gemini will take something apart completely to understands how it works. They will read every book in the library and loves to explore the internet. A love to listen to music makes them happy, whenever they have the chance. If there is no one around them to play, an invisible playmate will do. The biggest problem of a geminian child is sitting still or listening. A bored geminian child will often resort to destructive behaviour.

Careers: Anything to do with multi tasking suits a Gemini. Communication, journalism, commentating, broadcasting or teaching. They are also an excellent navigator, civil engineer, personal assistant or book seller. As possessor of a silver tongue, a sales representative, advertising or travel agent occupations are all suitable.

Leisure Activities: Their preference is to be involved in activities that involve other people, party invitations are often well received. If they have to sit still it usually involves fixing something or to watch something. Top choices for physical activity include tai chi, yoga and racquet sports. Playing keyboard or instruments in a group setting intrigues them. Writing, learning different languages and computers keep this agile mind occupied. They also may be a shopaholic.

Suitable Gift Ideas: Gadgets, Latest communicative devices, jewellery, theatre tickets or books.

Traditional correspondences:

Season: Early summer

Number: 5

Physiology: Nervous and respiratory system, hands arms and thymus

Birthstones: tourmaline, agate

Crystals: Apatite, apophyllite, green obsidian, green tourmaline, sapphire, serpentine, topaz

Associations: Writing instruments

Animals: Magpie, small birds, parrots, monkeys, butterflies


Appearance: A typical cancerian has a pale moon face and light or brown hair. The body tends to be short or stocky, with a generous bosom. Pale and watery eyes peep shyly sideways with lowered eyelids. Their stance is usually protective and defensive with an arms crossed mentality.

Personality: The nurturer of the zodiac, they’re never upfront or showy, making this personality easy to over look. What lies beneath their protective shell is well hidden and hard to fathom. Directly affected by the phases of the moon, their personality swings between kind, caring , and compassionate. To tough, prickly and self pity. They have a soft and sensitive side, constantly seeking approval from others. Cancer wants to belong, and loves family and community, but also craves success and will alienate people to achieve such. A stable home is of vital importance to a Cancerian, any disruption at home causes great emotional upset for them and can seep into other parts of their life. They are very sentimental and nostalgic, and treasure everything from the past. What others see as clutter, Cancerians cling to these things as essentials to his or her security.

Mind: Cancerians rarely go directly to the point and frequently finds themselves overwhelmed with emotions. Their thought process can be irrational and security oriented. Events and situations from the past are always playing a big part in their intellectual decisions. Their mind works best when their intuition is given free rein… but are often counter acted when their emotional needs and people’s feelings come into play.

Emotions: Cancerian puts all things aside in desire to protect and nurture someone. Being so tuned into other peoples’ feelings and needs, it makes it hard for this personality to draw back from others and define his or her own position. It’s a sign that often feels put upon and prone to constant mood swings. Misunderstandings and arise all too quickly in their prickly emotional landscape. When they feel threatened, which happens a lot, this secretive, vulnerable personality withdraws into a womb like environment where emotions can be processed and understood.

Strengths: Highly intuitive of other people’s needs. Fiercely protective and extremely caring. The social worker of the zodiac. Shrewdness of the mind coupled with excellent memory often translates to a good business specimen.

Weaknesses: weaknesses arise due to their emotional sensitivity, vulnerability, jealousy and possessiveness, grabbing at whatever represents security.

Shadow Side: Their shadow side comes to play when they tried to hold emotional ties over people and things. This is a slippery shadow born out of personal insecurity.

Karma: Their karma arises from always being burdened by situations or relationships from the past, that Cancerian refuses to let go. Their may be issues of codependence and smothering others with love. Positive karma also usually takes form from the nurturing previously given from a Cancerian. The challenge for this sign is to nurture it self as a pose to others.

Likes: Home, anything to do with water, items of sentimental value, good food.

Dislikes: Limelight, emotional independence in others.

Money: This security-oriented sign often feels broken without a substantial money security blanket. Cancerians are often accused of meanness but are generous with their loved ones. They have a flare for business and rarely trust in others, making most of their money affairs self managed. Investments are considered carefully.

As a parent: Flowing with maternal feeling, Cancerians are caring and solicitous parents who provide a loving home environment. At the extreme, the love can be possessive, hindering the ability of self sufficiency. A cancerian parent stands by their child and will become ferocious if that child is threatened by danger, real or imagined.

As a child: An emerging cancerian child needs a stable and protective environment. They need constant reassurance of parental love. This is an affectionate child who wants to remain close to his or her parents. A great deal of encouragement is needed for a cancerian child, to help them be able to spread their wings in the future.

Careers: Nurturing Cancer’s make excellent social workers, nursery nurses, nannies, midwives, home or care workers. The connection to home and food make for great hotelier, caterer, chef, interior or textile design. Any career to do with water, boating, fisherman, sailor, etc. Antique collector, museum curator, business person, historian.

Leisure Activities: With home playing a big part in a Cancerian’s life, things such as needlework, knitting, collecting, and visiting flea markets, are high on their to do list. Sailing, fishing and swimming are also some things they would be sure to enjoy. Silversmithing is a suitable hobby for them or any kind of charity work. A favourite sport for them to play could involve wrestling.

Suitable gift ideas: Cancer’s value anything from the past. A night out or a night in watching an old movie is something a Cancerian would cherish. Silver or pearl jewellery, flowers, or a photograph of them with family nicely framed.

Traditional Correspondences:

Season: Mid-summer

Number: 2

Physiology: Breast, nipples, lymphatic system, female reproduction organs, alimentary canal

Birthstone: Moonstone, Pearl

Crystals: Amber, beryl, carnelian, calcite, emerald, moonstone, opal, pink tourmaline, ruby, moss agate

Associations: the past, the home

Animals: Crabs, Frogs


Appearance: Impossible to overlook, has a dramatic personality that likes to make an impact. Usually has above average height with a generous body, that is usually shapely. They can be bold & stern or playful & kittenish. Their eyes are captivating and inviting. Hair is styled to make an impression, clothes are usually expensive and elegant.

Personality: The lion is a great poseur, possessing magnanimity of spirit and infectious love of life. Leo commands center stage and demands attention and recognition. This sign is a natural ruler and boss. They’re put on Earth to rule everyone else, whether they like it or not. Leo’s have a very charming nature, helping those who do not like this intrusion. They are very exuberant and childlike even when bossy and domineering. Leos know that they are special and will go to great lengths to obtain special treatment. Pride is a big part of the Leo personality type, they take offense easily. When getting under a Leo’s skin, or betraying a Leo’s trust, it is hard to get back on their good side.

Mind: It is virtually impossible to get a Leo to change their mind about anything. They like to think in straight lines and see a straight path towards where they’re going. The opinions formulated by a Leo, stick from young age through adulthood. Their thought process’ are slow and deliberate, and sometimes pompous. Leos may claim to make a conscious decision with careful considerations yet details often get overlooked. Conclusions tend to be based off intuition rather than fact. Usually the decision will be the one that can make the Leo look the best, and that gives the ability to attain the greatest power.

Emotions: Pride is the strongest of the Leo’s emotions. The signs external face never shows anything less than confidence. When a Leo has strong self of belief, amazing things can happen. If that belief were too be knocked, it takes along time for them to recover. Sometime naïve and too trusting, Leo can be taken advantage of. Mostly because their high standards and integrity are revered. Surrounded by the right team, Leo is powerful and creative.

Strengths: Warm benevolence, good nature, can be bring the sunshine into any room & into people’s lives, This is a highly creative spirit, natural born leaders.

Weaknesses: The Lion is prone to lording it over others, Wanting to look good makes them vulnerable to false praise, Snobbery, Pride, and Arrogance, do not try to undermine this sign, it will take a long time to undo.

Shadow Side: Tendency to organize others, which often becomes a compulsive urge to control. They tend to seek to exploit other people’s weaknesses.

Karma: Autocratic and unbending. Leo needs to recognize the responsibility of holding power. The karmic challenge is to become personally empowered rather than to enjoy power over others.

Likes: Applause, Shopping, Good Food, Wine, The Arts, The Opera, Anything with Passion, Music

Dislikes: Put Downs, Being Laughed at, Mousey or Nosey People, Attempts at Budget Control from Others.

Money: Leo is a spender and often lives well above his or her means. Money simply falls through their fingers. Not that Leo minds, since this sign has innate ability to attain more & others always gives support. Even when broke this sign is extremely generous and maintains an ostentatious life.

As a Parent: Leo as a parent are warm, playful and creative parent. They pride themselves on providing well for their children, while encouraging them to explore the world creatively. Children are expected to do exceptionally well, following their parents Leoian model.

As a Child: This is usually the golden child who stands out from the crowd. They usually have a court of devoted admirers, which can lead to problems with being spoiled and bratty. This child needs a school environment in which he or she can shine. They will love dance and drama classes. Discipline is also required to keep the developing Leo’s Ego in check. It is very easy for a Leoian child to become a drama queen.

Career: Leo is a natural Actor, Dancer, Television producer, Fashion producer. Window Dresser, Heating engineer, Goldsmith, Youth Worker. Teacher, Politician, President, Lawyer, Fund Raiser, Bond Dealer. With this sign’s strong connection to play and leisure, careers as a play therapists or leisure center manager would also be appropriate. Due to their links to the heart, they may also become a cardiologist or cardiac surgeon.

Leisure activities: Leo combines indolence with energy, disliking sports that work up a sweat, but enjoys being seen in a fashionable gym. Aerobics keep Leo’s looking good, as does dance. Gentle team sports are acceptable, provided Leo is the captain. 😊 They excel in amateur dramatics, debating and anything that involves performance. Eating out is always a pleasure for this sign. Artistic hobbies, as well as working for a greater cause can warm a Leo’s heart. Board games are also something a Leo would enjoy.

Suitable Gift Ideas: Anything flashy, ostentatious, and preferable expensive. A box at the Opera or a Play. A suite at a hotel. Anything with the Leo’s picture in it.

Traditional Correspondences:

Season: Late Summer

Number: 1

Physiology: Heart, spine, lower back

Birthstone: Cats Eye, Ruby

Crystals: Tiger’s Eye, Amber, Boji Stone, Citrine, Fire Agate, Orange Calcite, Yellow Spinal

Associations: Wine

Animals: Lions, Domestic Cats, Lynx


Appearance: Almost always well groomed, radiating efficiency. Their bodies are usually slender, hairstyle is usually orderly. Many of them wear uniforms of one kind or another. They usually opt for stylish & functional clothes. Colours are usually matched and coordinated.

Personality: Quiet and self contained, Virgoans are extremely efficient and always have matter under control. They tend to be workaholics and base a lot of their self value on their work status. Their innate instinct is to serve others. They love things to be just right and are very critical of others. Failure is not tolerated, excess worry can result in nervous exhaustion. Virgos embodies a strong conflict between a sensual earth sign and someone with the desire of to be of total purity. Part of their personality will always remain untouched and virgin like. The maiden’s other aspect is voluptuous and fecund. When their inhibitions are lowered, their personality reveals a fondness for pleasures of the flesh that can lead to a guilty conscious later.

Mind: Ruled by the planet of mercury, Virgo is a highly intellectual sign. They’re drawn towards specialist knowledge, practicing a clarity of mind that few other signs can match. Virgos also tend to be very narrow minded, they like to play it safe, they prefer to categorize, analyze and organize to show their vision. When confronted with a problem, they’ll break it down into chunks and pieces often in expense of the bigger picture. A chronic warrior, considerable nervous tension and dis-ease in the body.

Emotions: Un-pleasantly messy as far as Virgo is concerned. The goal is to be perfect and failure is their biggest & deepest fear. Emotions for Virgo can also be seriously confused, especially when the signs powerful sex drive comes into conflict with their innate sense of fastidiousness.

Strengths: Their efficiency is legendary. This sign is graced with integrity, practical creativity, common sense, reliability and an eye for detail. Although quiet and reserved, this sign is always there for others.

Weaknesses: At the extremes, their obsession with details. They have a tendency to be critical and self-righteous, combined with setting unattainable goals. Not reaching those goals set leads to self esteem and self doubt problems.

Shadow Side: Prudish shadow side, shies away from anything and anyone unwholesome and yet can be deeply attracted to voyeurism or pornography. A repressed, meddling persona has a sneaking suspicion that he or she knows better than anyone else.

Karma: Taken too far this personality can easily fall into servility. They need to learn to serve from the heart with true humility, seeking neither recognition nor reward. The karmic challenge is to exercise judgment and discernment without becoming to critical.

Likes: Making lists, Neatness, Order, Arts and Crafts

Dislikes: Mess, Dirt, Disorganization, Immodest Behaviours in others, Noise