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The Story and Principle of the Zodiac

The Zodiac isn’t just the celestial path of the Sun, it is a voyage through the human experience.

Read the short story below to see!

It represents the journey of the soul (The Sun) from its conception, through birth, and then to old age. Just like the story told through the Major Arcana cards in the Traditional Tarot.

First Aries, the soul comes into incarnation and takes on the ego. This is where “I” begins and your awareness of self. (The fool card in the tarot, representing a new beginning)

Taurus, the soul takes on substance, becomes a physical body.

Gemini, the point where the soul seeks to communicate with others and to express ones self.

Cancer, the over riding instinct of nurturing others kicks in.

Leo, is the natural leader of the zodiac, the soul strives to shine and be recognized.

Virgo, encapsulates the urge to be of service to our fellow human beings and daily routine.

Half way into the zodiac, Libra, the soul is ready to enter into a relationship. Where the soul learns to compromise and meet itself in another. (The justice card in the tarot, the balancing of the scales.)

Scorpio, the soul comes to recognize its creative, regenerative, sexual, mystical power.

Sagittarius, the soul is now on a quest for the meaning of life.

Capricorn, there comes a new innate drive toward order and stability.

Aquarius, the goal is to be the humanitarian, seeking the good for all of mankind as a whole.

When the soul reaches the final sign, Pisces, the soul desires to merge with oneness from which it started, to escape the eternal round of continuing any negative cycles. (The World Card in the Tarot)

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