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The Different Types of Astrologers

Astrological Disciplines

Natal Astrology

Natal Astrology is to do with the Natal Chart, also known as your Birth Chart. The Natal Chart takes a moment in time and freezes it, as if taking a picture of the sky/space when you were born. To find out your birth chart, you can obtain it on electronically generated sites online for free, using your time, date, and place of birth. (All of which are very important, to get the complete and detailed accuracy of you chart.)

A natal chart can help you get a better understanding of your true self, your personality type, emotional needs, and your inner thought process. It can reveal your innate potential, strengths, weakness’, relationships, and the right career for you. It describes the unfolding from your birth to old age.

Predictive Astrology

Astrology can be used to predict the future. While the planets do not actually make things happen, astrologer’s observations, have made correlations between particular planetary activity, with earthbound events that take place at those specific moments. By observing the day to day movement of the planets and how they could affect your sun sign, astrologers can predict unforeseen events, recognize the possibility for change, or blockages in your path.

Counselling Astrology

People tend to contact an astrologer when they have a crisis point in their life. They may seek understanding or reassurance, to deal with change. For this reason, many astrologers combine their understanding, with combination of qualifications of a counsellor or therapist. Counsellors that use astrology, can help you to learn how to respond to events and people in a new way, so you can regain control and reach your full potential.

Synastry Astrology (Relationship Analysis)

This is a branch of astrology that looks at relationships between people. It is used to calculate compatibility, to overcome difficulties & to also increase intimacy. By comparing your Sun, Moon and Venus sign to another, it can lead to a better understanding of the dynamics at play, to gain insight into someone’s personality, and emotional needs. Looking at your potential partner or current partners birth chart can help with this.

Medical Astrology

By looking at when an illness first came about, a chart is then prepared for that moment, that will uncover the underlying cause. Revealing stress, strains, depleted energies, and subtle imbalances and deficiencies. This combined with using a holistic approach of treatment, a medical astrologer usually prescribes appropriate herbs or homeopathic remedies. (See article on Health/Body & Astrology)

Karmic/Past Life Astrology

A karmic astrologer seeks the answers to problems in the present by looking into past lives (If you believe in reincarnation.) A karmic astrological chart pinpoints the credits, deficits, and built in patterns of emotional expectation that an individual carries from life to life. This branch of astrology is used to help people better understand vocations, family life, and to break reoccurring patterns of negative behaviours.

Horary Astrology

Horary astrologers deal in specific questions such as “Should I buy this house?” or “Will I marry this person?” to which they can give unequivocal answers. A chart is prepared for the exact time in which the question was initiated and a set of rules is then applied to arrive at an answer.

Electional Astrology

This kind of astrology is concerned with identifying propitious moments. If a budding new entrepreneur wants to find out when the best time is to start a new business, an electional astrologer can draw up a chart to identify possible dates that are most favourable.

Mundane Astrology

This is concerning the world events and socioeconomic trends, using financial and political astrology. Specialist astrologers can predict the movement of stocks, and shares with reliable accuracy. Many business’ take advantage of this skill

Business Astrology

This is a rapid expanding field. Many business’ actually employ their own astrologer, in the way many ancient kings have done. An in-house astrologer may build personality profiles on prospective employees, predicting financial and marketing trends. They also can give advice of when is best to sell or buy assets, much like a mundane astrologer.

Information from: Judy Hall (The Definitive Guide to the Zodiac)

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