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Angels To Believe In

Angels Article by AICP

The Angels in Islam

The Nature of Angels:

Among the creatures in the un-seen world are Angels. Among the most important matters of belief, is to believe in the Angels. To believe, although we don’t always see them, that angels exist and they’re one of God’s creations. They all worship God and obey his orders, they do not sin. They were created to worship God and carry out his commands. If you believe in God, then you must believe in the Angels to keep your belief in tact.

Angels that have been mentioned and their duties:

Jibreel (Gabriel): The Angel in charge of communicating Allah’s words to his prophets

Israfeel (Raphael): In Charge of blowing the trumpet to mark the Day of Judgement

Mikail (Michael): The Angel in Charge of Rainfall & Sustenance

Munkar and Nakeer: After death, these two Angels will question souls in the grave about their faith and their deeds

Asraeel (Isreal) (Angel of Death): In Charge of taking possession of souls after death & leaving the body

Malik: The Guardian of Hell

Ridwan: The Angel who serves as the guardian of Heaven

There are angels in charge of the clouds, the winds, and the plants. With each human there are eight angels, whose assignment is to protect that person from the harm of the jinn ( also known as the devil or shaytan)

Attributes of Angels:

God created the angels from light. In my belief, giving angels female names is considered blasphemous. They do not have a sex. They’re neither Male nor Female. They do not grow, or develop in age. In original shape, they are gentle bodies. They do not have internal bodies, unlike humans or Jin. They have feet, shoulders, ears, hands, and wings. It is said some have 2, 3 and up to 600 wings. Angels do not take forms of women, believing this, is also blasphemous. They can not be seen, and it is not up to us to speculate what they look like. It is believed that angels can take on a variety of forms. In the Quran, Angel Gabriel takes the form of a human, to talk to Prophet Mohammed pbuh. They do not require sleep, food, or drink. In the Quran, Prophet Abraham pbuh, gave food to the Angels that visited him in human form, and they did not eat. We should not try to depict pictures of them, or in clouds etc. There are also false claims that Angels were seduced to sin, these claims are also false. To believe this is also blasphemous.

Fallen Angels:

There are no such thing as fallen angels in Islam. It is in Angels nature to be obedient to God. They have no free choice, and hence no ability to disobey God. Islamic teachings, we believe in unseen beings, who do have free choice, these things are named djin (or spirits) often confused for being fallen angels. The most famous of the djinn is Iblis, who is also known as Shaytan (also known as the Devil or Satan). Muslims believe that Satan is a disobedient djinn, not a fallen angel like how most people perceive him to be. Djinn are mortal, they are born, they eat, drink, procreate, and die. Unlike the angels, which dwell in celestial regions and who’re celestial beings. Djinn are said to coexist next to humans, even though they normally remain unseen.

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